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“The Most Thorough window cleaning ever or you don’t pay a dime Guaranteed!”

Window Cleaning Brooklyn NY


In business, appearances can be deceiving.  Your windows can either invite potential customers in or chase them away.  Put forth your best image with our professional, reliable window cleaning service. Call today for Window Cleaning Brooklyn NY.

Too often, businesses will risk damage to their glass by having an untrained employee clean their windows.  Improper tools can scratch your glass over time, leaving it dull or hazy.  Unsightly scratches can result from incorrectly removing tapes, adhesives, or anything else that “little hands” leave on your windows and glass doors.  We will carefully remove and replace your signs, and properly remove old tape, adhesives, etc.

We will professionally clean your windows as often as you like—weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.  Many of the customers we work with today have been with us since we started in Kings County.  They appreciate our attention to detail, our prompt and courteous service, and our high quality work.  We’re sure you will, too.  We guarantee it.


At home, cleaning windows is probably one of the jobs you avoid most.  High windows, difficult storms or screens—you name it, you’ll encounter it.  Leave your windows to the professionals at White Glove Cleaning.  We’ll take extra care in and around your home.  You’ll notice the difference immediately—more light indoors, a better view of the outdoors, and a feeling of freshness throughout your home.

Our window cleaning services include:

• Inside

• Outside

• Frames & Sills

• Storms

• Sliding Doors & Tracks

• Screens

• Blinds

• Pressure Cleaning

• Construction Clean-up

For information call us today 718-272-5451. Cash, check & credit card.