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Who’s on the couch with you?

We’ve all seen those grossly enlarged pictures of the little eight-legged creature who lives on our soft furniture, the draperies, and in our carpet.  So we’ll spare you the photo of the guy who makes us sneeze and wheeze—the infamous house dust mite.  Here in New York he’s a real problem.  That pesky mite is made of up to 80% water, and thrives in a water-rich environment.  Folks, we’ve got the perfect home for the dust mite—humidity! call today for Upholstery Cleaning Brooklyn NY!

These little critters (about half the size of a dot or period on this web site) feed on, among other things, dust and human skin scales (which we unfortunately shed on a consistent basis).  They can live 3 to 4 months, with about 20 droppings a day—that’s over 2,000 droppings in a lifetime.  What’s more, they can get nourishment from their own droppings and may eat them up to 3 times over.  Then the females go and lay eggs—from 60 to 100 eggs a pop!

We vacuum and dust and stir up all those droppings, which brings on the sneezing and wheezing.  We can also bring it on by plopping down on the couch, or when little Johnny uses the couch as a trampoline.  Go ahead and give the armrest on that comfy couch a good slap.  Did you see a little “poof” cloud?

You guessed it—dust mites and all their food—skin scales, dust, and droppings!

Lurking in the drapes

And what about those drapes?  Have you really looked closely at them lately?  Egad—dust—dinner for the little mites.  Whenever you open or close them, or the youngsters decide to play in them, there you have it—airborne allergens.

What to do?

Tests have proven that hot water cleaning at high temperatures will kill mites.  White Glove Cleaning will annihilate those little mites.  You’ll breathe easier, not to mention how much brighter and fresher your furniture will look and feel!

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Dogs on Sofa Upholsery Cleaning BrooklynProfessional upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn NY can help your home retain its stylish look in an affordable fashion. Well made furniture will typically last for years when it is properly maintained. While home upholstery cleaning will do for lightly soiled furniture, as long as the manufacturer provided care instructions are carefully followed, heavy soil or stains can be quite challenging. Stain removing mistakes can turn what would have been a fairly routine project for a furniture cleaning professional into a situation that only a re-upholsterer can resolve.

Keeping upholstery clean helps to protect the fibers from damage. Dirt is gritty, and over time, it will grind away at the fibers, producing wear marks and eventually tears. That’s one reason that the standard recommendation is to have a deep, professional upholstery cleaning once a year. In homes with children and pets, it may be necessary twice a year. With stains, it is best to seek the specialized skills of an experienced professional, rather than risk damaging a valuable or favorite piece of furniture.

Making regular professional upholstery cleaning a routine part of your household maintenance will help furniture keep that new look and feel. Once furniture has been soiled or neglected for too long, it can be very difficult to restore the upholstery to its original appearance. It is far more efficient to take care of it well from the very beginning. Taking that approach is more economical over the long term, as well. This is especially true if you’ve invested in a better quality of furniture that you hope will last a few years longer than the more cheaply made sort.

When choosing professional upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn NY, select a reliable, responsible company, with references you can check. That way, you’ll get quality customer service from people you can trust to do the job right the first time. Make sure that the company you choose is accustomed to working with your specific type of upholstery. That way, you can be sure that you are making the right choice in protecting your investment in your home’s appearance and comfort.