Floor Maintenance

Floor Maintenance Brooklyn NY New York

“The Most Thorough Floor Maintenance Ever or it’s Free! Guaranteed!”

Technicians will help prolong the life of your floor and improve its appearance, which will be a brilliant reflection on you.  Through maintenance, we’ll provide a cleaner, healthier environment that is safer for you/your customers.

Floor Maintenance Brooklyn NY

Thinking about the big expense of replacing your floor?  Call White Glove first for a free consultation about restoring your floor’s color and shine! Call us today for high end commercial floor maintenance Brooklyn NY.

We make sure that new stone flooring or grout is properly sealed.  For example, a beautiful and expensive marble floor can be easily stained if not sealed correctly.  Our trained floor technicians will use the right sealant for each type of surface.  We can set up a maintenance schedule to help keep your floors looking beautiful. IICRC Certified.

• Stripping

• Waxing

• Buffing

• Sealing

• Vinyl

• Wood

• Ceramic Tile

• Stone

• Construction Clean-up

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